Capital: Panama City
Largest city: Panama City
Area: 75,517 km² (118th)
Population: 3,595,490 (132nd)
Currency: Balboa, U.S. dollar (PAB, USD)
Calling code: +507
Internet TLD: .pa

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We will glad to deliver flowers and gifts to the capital of Panama- Panama City, and to other cities: Achutupo, Agua Buena, Aguadulce Coclé, Ailigandí, Alanje, Alcalde Díaz, Bugaba, Burica, Bágala, Caimitillo, Calobre, Calzada Larga, Canoa, Capellanía, Capetí, Capira, Cartí Sugtupu, Cativá, Cañazas, El Real de Santa María, El Rincón, El Roble, El Silencio, El Uvito, Garachiné, Gariché, Guabito, Gualaca, Guararé, Nuevo Emperador, Nuevo Guararé, Nuevo San Juan, Nuevo Vigía, Ocú, Olá, Pacora, Pacola, Palmas Bellas.

Flowers will be delivered to the recipient by our partners in Panama. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the international delivery you can having followed the link. If you did not find the city in which it is necessary to deliver flowers or gifts, please contact the manager of our shop to clarify the possibility of delivery.

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