SOLARD company welcome you to our web site located at The goal of the Web Site is to provide access to our wide selection of floral, gourmet, and gift products and services, as well as, information and ideas, to as wide an audience as possible. To ensure a safe, pleasant environment for all of our customers, we have established our Ordering and Delivering policy. In this way, you will know what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Order placement
We've designed the Solard website to make it quick and simple for you to place your order. After you've found the flowers or plant you want to send, click on the item name or image and follow the instructions below.
1. Shop From a Variety of Categories — Shop by Occasion, Shop by Product Category — or search by a specific keyword.
2. Select Your Product and Choose Your Preferences. On the product information page, select how you would like to customize your gift.
Once you have selected from the preferences, click “Buy now” button. Your gift bouquet will be stored in the shopping cart, and you can either continue browsing by clicking on Return to Shopping or proceed to Checkout.
3. Proceed to checkout. When you are ready to check out, click on the Shopping Cart link at the top of the page, and then select Checkout.
4. Provide recipient delivery information. You will be asked for the recipient's delivery information. This information will allow us to ensure that your bouquet is created by an professional florists. At this time, you can also create a personal message for your card.
5. Review your order. Review the details of your order, and click the Submit Order button. Your order will be received by Solard, and a professional florists will begin creating your arrangement.
6. Provide your billing information. You will be asked for your credit card information at the system of payments " Inc". Inc transmits all credit card information using the best software available for secure commerce transactions.

7. Save your confirmation. Solard will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you indicated during your order proceiing. Please save this e-mail for future reference.


Where we deliver
We deliver anywhere in Belarus. Some villages, and remote places are not on the list. Please make sure you make an order to a location that is not on the list at least 4-5 days in advance. It may take additional time for us to arrange the delivery, and may take additional delivery fee.

Cities Serviced:
1. Capital of Belarus — Minsk
Minsk suburbs: towns, villiages situated witin 30 km area from Minsk Ring Road;
2. Minsk Region
City serviced:Borisov, Berezino, Cherven, Dzerzhinsk, Kopyl, Kletsk, Krupki, Logoysk, Lyuban, Molodechno, Maryina Gorka, Myadel, Nesvizh, Soligorsk, Slutsk, Smolevichi, Staryie Dorogi, Stolbtsy, Uzda, Volozhin, Vileyka;
3. Brest, Brest Region
City serviced: Baranovichi, Beryoza, Brest, Drogichin, Gantsevichi, Ivanovo, Ivatsevichi, Kamenets, Kobrin, Luninets, Lyakhovichi, Malorita, Pinsk, Pruzhany, Stolin, Zhabinka;
4. Gomel, Gomel Region
City serviced: Rudobelka, Bragin, Budo-Koshelevo, Chechersk, Khoyniki Dobrush, Yelsk, Kalinkovichi, Korma, Lelchitsy, Loev, Mozyr, Narovlya, Petrikov, Rogachev, Rechitsa, Svetlogorsk, Vetka, Zhlobin, Zhitkovichi;
5. Vitebsk, Vitebsk Region
City serviced: Vitebsk, Beshenkovichi, Braslav, Chashniki, Dokshitsy, Dubrovna, Gorodok, Glubokoye, Lepel, Liozno, Miory, Postavy, Polotsk, Rasony, Senno, Tolochin, Ushachi, Verkhnedvinsk, Orsha;
6. Grodno, Grodno Region
City serviced: Oshmyany, Ostrovets, Berestovitsa, Dyatlovo, Ivye, Korelichi, Lida, Mosty, Novogrudok, Shchuchin, Slonim, Smorgon, Svisloch, Volkovysk Voronovo, Zelva;
7. Mogilev, Mogilev Region 
City serviced:Mstislavl, Osipovichi, Bobruysk, Belynichi, Bykhov Chausy, Cherikov, Khotimsk, Dribin, Gorki, Glusk, Kostyukovichi, Kirovsk, Klichev, Klimovichi, Krasnopolie, Krugloye, Krichev,Shklov,Slavgorod.

Your order status
You can inquire the status of any order by using the following options

 contact online support
 calling 24X7 customer service: in Belarus at +375 (29) 658-75-42 or +375 (33) 668-35-72
 writing an email to
 ICQ: 383491285
Please have your order ID handy as our administrators will need it so as to locate your order quickly.

Delivery policy
1. Standard delivery time is 1 business day. We guarantee the same day delivery if the order is placed and paid before 12AM local recipient's time. In additional information in the order form you may specify the preferred delivery time. However, in some cases, the specified time is only of a recommendation since the delivery schedule is set up by local partners on their own. The recipient is given a call before the delivery takes place.
2. In a remote localities the delivery period may be extended up to 2-3 business days if weather conditions or any other acts of God do not allow our couriers from the nearest city to fulfill delivery.
3. The availability of recipient's phone number in order details is a mandatory requirement for order placement.
4. If a Customer places the order for the first time in our Service he/she should call our office (the phone numbers above) to confirm the order placement. If a Customer does not give a call our managers will be trying to reach a Customer on the phone specified in a registration form. Attention! The order is put on hold until we have the Customer's confirmation!
Delivery may not occur due to:

The Customer's fault

 The recipient provided wrong or incomplete address or telephone number, wrong delivery time, untimely payment for the order etc. We will take an additional 10 USD fee if delivery was attempted but the address, or other contact information turned out to be wrong.
 A Customer does not confirm the first order placement.

The fault of our delivery service
In this case we carry full responsibility for the work of our delivery network , our responsibility will not exceed the amount of your order. Usually we refund the money and deliver at our expense.
We always try to contact the recipient before attempting the delivery to make sure that he/she is there to accept the order. We do it either by telephone, or by sending a telegram or leaving a tag in the door, if the phone number is missing or unavailable. Exceptions are possible if a customer requests the order to be delivered without contacting the recipient first.
In case when the recipient is not at home at the moment of delivery after having arranged the time of delivery with us or if the customer has requested delivery without a prior notice, we have a right to do one of the following:

Leave the flowers at the neighbors
Leave a tag in the recipient's door asking him\her to call us back and arrange the time of delivery.
In both cases we do not carry any further responsibility for the time of delivery and quality of the flowers. We do not issue a refund for such orders.

Refund policy
If the delivery doesn't occur due to a wrong or incomplete recipient address or telephone number, the money can be either left on your account with Solard company or refunded. In the latter case we will have to keep 10 USD as a refund-processing fee.

Substitution policy
Depending on Year season and period the availability of certain sorts of flowers in different regions may be quite confined. Besides the flowers of certain shades may be missing on the delivery date. Thus the delivery of a bouquet/flower arrangement quite identical to the one shown on the web-site may be impossible.
In this case our local florists will deliver a similar or a upgraded arrangement. We are doing our best to keep the original shape, size and color range of requested bouquet/flower arrangement however some deviations are allowed to occur. In a single-type-flower arrangements (like roses bouquet) keeping flower type will prevail over color matching.

Attachments (plush toys, chocolate boxes, champagne) may vary according to the assortment of a certain region. Our general responsibility is keeping quality and intergrity of items delivered.


Cancellation policy

If by some reason you cancel the order or update order details please let us know about that as soon as possible. We will immediately accept your request for cancellation or order update provided the request is sent before the delivery takes place. It is preferred to notify of necessary updates in 48 hours prior to alleged delivery time.
An order cannot be cancelled if local florists have already made up a requested flower arrangement.
If local florists are unable to deliver the order due to wrong recipient's address we will notify you immediately. In some cases you will have an opportunity to re-direct your order to another recipient even to other city/country.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of delivered flowers please notify us of that as soon as possible having described the issue in detail. Due to perishable nature of goods delivered we are not able to accept claims sent in 48 hours after delivery takes place. Please note the receipt signed by the recipient has a statement 'no claims on the quality of items delivered' and detailed description of delivered items. Thus we hope the recipient will make necessary notes in the receipt in case the flower quality is unsatisfactory. We respect our Customers and do our best to satisfy them. But we ask our Customers to realize your claim must be understandable and reasonable.


Mail forwarding service polices

For special handling and delivery of your e-mail correspondence, Send your e-mail letters to Be sure to enter your order number into the subject area. With each e-mail delivery order, you should include the following information to insure prompt delivery: your full name, the full name, address and phone number (if available) of the message recipient, and your preferred method of delivery. You must also specify if you wish for us to translate your correspondence into Russian or Belarussian. And, most importantly, you must tell us in advance if you agree to pay for one or more responses from the recipient. Your e-mail messages can be sent in plain text format, or as an MS Word attachment. We can read other files, but plain text or MS Word is highly preferred.

For LETTER FORWARDING (only!) you can take advantage of our services via e-mail. Send your letters to Put your order ID into the subject. With each order you should provide us with all the information that is required for successful delivery. (your full name, exact recipient's address, phone number, delivery method, translation (if needed), if you agree to pay for one or more responses. You can submit your message in a plain text format or as an MS Word attachment. We are able to read other formats as well, but to avoid misunderstanding, please use either Word or plain text. Send photos, preferably in JPEG format, as attachments to the same address (

Site security
Our website is completely secure. Online credit card transactions are processed through a secure server by the system of payments " Inc"and are not accessible to anyone even our staff members.
We maintain the complete confidentiality regarding the information about our customers and their orders. No information about your account, address, etc. will be disclosed to any third party without obtaining your written (by email) or oral permission first.
If the recipient requests additional information about the sender, usually we provide your full name and email account so that the recipient could write you back.
If you do not like to provide any information regarding yourself to the recipient, please kindly specify it in the order comments section.

For any information about our services, prices, delivery terms, payment options, etc. please feel free to contact us anytime by the following means:

in Belarus
Phones:+375 (29) 658-75-42; + 375 (33) 668-3572
in USA