Bouquet of flowers for St. Valentine's Day



Flowers for Valentine's Day are a great way to declare your love. Representatives of the fair sex on this holiday expect to show more attention from men.  It is important to properly present a gift, preparing a short, but sincere speech.


A declaration of feelings is best expressed with the help of unusual bouquets. For example, assembled in the form of a heart. Such an arrangement for Valentine’s Day will immediately show the serious intentions of the young man.


Valentine's Day Flowers to Minsk


What is the optimal number of flowers for February 14 to give to a loved one?

There is no framework in the number of flowers. Another thing is that different volume carries different meaning. For example, one flower demonstrates respect and attention to the girl/woman. It is recommended to give it at the initial stage of the relationship (on the first date).


Bouquet of 3—4 flowers on February 14 means that the presenter respects the lady and has warm feelings for her. Arrangement of 7—9 plants symbolizes happiness, love and prosperity. Such a bouquet is given when they want to show seriousness.


Also, you can buy flowers in Minsk in large numbers — for example, more than 11 plants in a bouquet. Such a large gift is associated with a significant event. Men buy it to make a proposal to the woman they love.


What flowers for Valentine's Day to give a girl?

Being at the beginning of a relationship, it is difficult to choose a suitable bouquet that a girl will like. The young man in love may not know the personal preferences of the lady. So, he will have to take into account the generally accepted information about flowers, starting from their meaning:


  • pink peonies are a symbol of love and desirability;

  • The burgundy and white asters symbolize humble and pure love;

  • Tulips of red hues — symbolize affection, sympathy and strong feelings for a girl

  • roses of any colors — have universal meanings.

If a young man is serious, he wants to build a long—term relationship with a girl, prefers to create a family with her, then he should present beautiful lilies. Buy flowers in Minsk in our online store "Aroma of love". We have bouquets of the listed and unmentioned flowers.


Send bouquet of flowers to Belarus


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You can choose from daffodils, hyacinths, orchids, azaleas, begonias, jasmines and other flowers. In addition, they have fruit and candy arrangements with additional decorations. Due to the large selection of goods, you can choose bouquets for a girl of any temperament.


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How to buy flowers in Minsk?

Choose a suitable floral arrangement in the catalog. Add it to your cart and confirm your order. Our manager will contact you to confirm purchase and specify the delivery address. In a short time, you will receive a fresh flower arrangement.

Surprise your loved one on St. Valentine's Day — give her an unusual bouquet. Pleasant feelings of joy from such a presentation are sure to pass on to the giftee.