Why not give a bouquet now?


Flowers always cheer up and leave a lot of positive emotions. So why not make a gift right now? Everyone knows that an unexpected gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers not only plunges the recipient into a pleasant shock, but also pleases them for several weeks, reminding them of such a kind gesture. Just we have gathered a selection of several bright and presentable flower arrangements.



Pink tones are almost always chosen as a gift for a girlfriend, friend or other representative of the fair sex. The combination of pink roses and tulips (which are currently sold at seasonal prices) is ideally combined with the bright blue color of gypsophila and their beauty is emphasized by a rather exotic fern plant - chica. Also, the florist's design decision to use two-color Korean packaging only enhances the effect of the bouquet. An ideal option for a bright gift for no reason!





Sufficiently warm shades of yellow and light brown shades of roses, lilies with minimal use of packaging show their best features in this bouquet. This combination is suitable as a gift for a girl, and for a man.






Gerberas, green chrysanthemum, white alstroemeria and roses - how many positions of flowers in one bouquet! Such mixes are an excellent addition to the main gift, as they do not express a strong subtext. The brilliance and saturation of the bouquet will definitely not leave the recipient indifferent and once again remind you of the imminent onset of summer!