8 March

Traditionally, the 8th of March has become the perfect occasion to congratulate our beloved women. Flowers, bouquets and flower compositions are decorating restaurants, streets and homes, filling the holiday with a truly festive atmosphere. But every year you want to celebrate in a more "crazy" way than the last and what can you do?


Fear not, our team has prepared a list of essentials that will make the day brighter. It all starts with a gift, which should show your care, understanding and the ability to listen. Here the situation depends on you, as only you can know what the recipient wants at the moment. This can be done by asking leading questions or by asking the person directly, which will undoubtedly spoil the surprise, but it will meet all the necessary criteria. Generally, the gift should be thought about in advance so that you don't choose something at random on the last day. This will save you a lot of stress and worry. Decided on a gift? Then let's move on.




The next step is presentation. The main criteria affecting these parameters will include sincerity and brightness. For the most part, people prefer to use flowers for this role, which is undoubtedly the right choice. A bouquet or flower composition can easily be matched to the person by combining different colours and shades, combining types of flowers and packaging. This feature will make the bouquet unique and inspiring. Next, prepare a passionate speech, try writing a poem, or sing a song. It is not difficult to do, but the effect will be the strongest.


And the last tip is to prepare your surroundings. For a grandmother, a tea party at the table; for a mother, a cosy atmosphere at home; for a girl, a nice restaurant or a home movie. You just need to know the person's need that needs to be met.



Make your women happy on March 8, give them flowers, attention and more positive emotions. Our company also wants to join in the congratulations and wish all the girls happiness, health and unforgettable memories on this 8th of March.