Youth is the best time in everyone's life, a time of hope, when thousands of roads are open, the whole world when there are many bright moments ahead. There is no person on earth who would not remember his youth without joy and inspiration.


In 1995, the World Program of Action for Youth was adopted. This program spoke about the main factors in the development of a healthy society, about the upbringing of the younger generation, about the prospects for the future. Youth Day was soon established.


This happened at the UN General Assembly on December 17, 1999, at the suggestion of the World Conference of Ministers for Youth Affairs, held in Lisbon on August 8-12, 1998. The UN called on the international community to recognize the interdependence of generations and to solve problems of different ages together, involving the younger generation to participate in a common dialogue.


On International Youth Day, it is customary all over the world to organize concert programs, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, organize seminars, charity events, flash mobs, discos. At these events, a healthy lifestyle is promoted, the creation of good relations between countries. "Heroes of the occasion", of course, take part in the preparation of the holiday, participate in concerts, demonstrating their talent.


In every country, Youth Day is celebrated in accordance with its own traditions: fireworks are launched, circus performances, sports competitions are organized, squares and sidewalks are painted in different colours. It is always bright and unforgettable.


Youth Day is a holiday with faith in the bright future of all country, with hope for the younger generation.

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